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Thread: Help and Support

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    giden altın kupon silver ve vitality ler geri gelcek mi ??

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    Any one else having issues with security guard I keep trying to open a gift box and it keeps asking me for it I keep putting it in and it keeps telling me its wrong I clicked on help and it shows me a blank name and password box and its making me mad.

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    yetkili birisi ilgilenecek mi ??

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    why i lost my yesterday progress on server eu s449 and didnt get reward for transfering account

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    I've lost my progress too. It kept on saying security guard. Then transferred to then US server 473 keeps on saying unable to connect to server. Talk about bull. At least give us our account and progress back. This is the second time I lost my progress.

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    lost all progress after transfer account :/ i transfer my account from the ninjajoyfun server eu462 to the ninja world and what did i get? nothing lost all progress and when i played again to lv 26 lv 30 im not even getting a single security guard or reward

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    I didn't lose my progress but my security guard from joyfun became my log in and pass for this new account so my account logs in with security guard instead of my original log in from joyfun at the same time I cant open my gift boxes because it wants my security guard id and password which no longer exist and no one from customer support can help me I honestly think of this as a hack job to steal players and accounts from joyfun.

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    Didn't lose anything outside progress of single day (no big deal), but reward for account transfer never arrived.

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    I've lost everything that I yesterday did... Biju lv up... of about 46K money... every bonnus, login etc... And the revard for account transfer did't arrived too...

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    Fam where will the transfer reward will arrive from joyfun?

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