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Thread: Help and Support

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    These items are Used later Ive learned.... after R1 level when NEW areas opem up...
    Hold on to those. Im told U will be glad U did!

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    hey dude...when i get 1888 gold?? i already get 200 gold btw but where is 1688 gold left? :v
    *sorry bad english

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    Before I transferred my account I bought Growth Fund pack(the basic one), and never got the daily gold. Now I thought it was just delaying but I still don't have it. HOWEVER the other gold I got before purchasing the daily pack is still there.

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    On EU 464 server certain events, like some "Cool Events", started at 22/8, while the server started at 26/8. How is it possible?

    I know some events have global time, but Cool events theoretically are server specific events which should start with the server no?


    Im playing on s463 currently and in turnament the game write s462 next to my name. Maybe the game have some problem with server numbers/event counters. I mean on s464 the cool events time period is = with s463. s463 times = s462. So overall the time what players get to finish these events are less because the previous server opened earlier and the game count with it. Its my theory...
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    So this is our new, so-called, forum, what, are we back in the 1980's?
    Forums require people be able to create threads in appropriately sectioned areas to keep some semblance of order. But making one single thread per "zone" isn't a forum.
    There are no Usergroups we can join manually as far as I can find so I doubt our inability to create new threads is due to lacking permissions.
    Come on Mods, open this up and let people start posting.

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    Are servers on maintenance today?When I try to log in after it loads its all black screen.Is it just me or same with you guys?

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    so...when adobe flash player stop working on 2020, whats next?

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    Is it also not working for you?seems like they are still on update for that alien invasion feature.

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    How to get my old account on indonesia server? (ninjaplaywebgame), i could not login from plaync100 homepage. Please help me.

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    Can someone tell me when will the new US server start

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