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    Hi i want to ask, if the was expired and i go to new adress this is in maintenance or anyone can login? because when i try to log in it says the server is on maintence and i wonder this only happen for me or others too? because i dont see any info or something about this. If anyone can answer i thanks from abowe. s.165 Matamune

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    is server 171 in maintence? its beeen like that since the domain change

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    good day please help me still can't get to 131 and 166

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    it still writes it is in server in maintenance and it's just a week

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    Dear players, I am very sorry that I have not responded to your news in a timely manner. Recently, we are dealing with the conversion platform. Some of them have been fixed, some have not. If you have any questions, you can send us an email.

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    Finally we get some answer, thanks for the answer, but if possible i want to know why there are no any info about this before, anyone want to know if i think, about what happened and how much time it will remain like this, if possible to tell +/- the time, when we can log in to the game, because now I and the others was unable to log in about 7 days without any info whats/ what . I do understand that you deal with the conversion platform and i hope it will be all fixed soon and any players wont loose anything, also hope the servers will be working better and more stable too. Thanks for any answer, and info.
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    last night my power was 52.6 million and now that I enter is 47.1 million, it happens that someone explains to me.

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    please provide your character name and sever

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    all sever are fixed

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