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Thread: Help and Support

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    Admin please I'm trying to enter the game 8 days ago and so far I have not succeeded, I come kindly ask to fix my problem

    Server 247
    Anime Ninja Platform
    Name in the game is Aloy

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    Sorry again, now we have found out th reason leads to the Six Roads Arcanum issue and we are working on it.

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    Hi, we are checking it, we will inform you asap when it is solved

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    9 days with this failure, after they transferred the platform this occurring this error, HELP ME.

    Anime Ninja
    Server 247


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    I have no answers about the game, unfortunately I am accustomed to take on the head whenever I invest in a game, I will abandon for good I have no way to do anything else, 11 days with the game off without any response from the ADM

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    Anime Ninja Server 331. Since the platform change, we haven't had Elite Match or Tournament. Can you take a look and possibly fix it please?

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    Please check the server 247 anime ninja, this off to 14 days, for God's sake....
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    Hi, sorry for your long wait.Do you mind provide us your nickname, server and platform? We will send you compensation when it is solved.

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    Really sorry about that, we were checking it, and now we will check it again and send you some compensations.

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