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Thread: Help and Support

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    Dear player, the game was operated by another company, they gave a chance to players to transfer to our platform.

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    Hi, we are fixing the server problem, will send the compensation later, sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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    Hello, could you please tell us which server is still no working?

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    Hi, tell me your server, it might be missing it.

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    Hi, yes, has to waqiting period, it sent manually too.

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    Hi, stars will be sent manutally, like the golds bonus.

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    hi my name is alia grace from server 102, i can screenshot if you want to.. why when i bet on Russia football thing it show lose before the match even start?
    and last time mexico defeat korea and it shows bet lose?
    can you please check for it, and i wonder if you can verify if am getting all the gold back please.
    reply me as soon as possible its so confusing
    and i bet ticket the first option.. was that winning group? or all competition?

    Hi, if you are sure that you bet right, then it is ok, the screesn display wrong sometimes, but the system will calculate it correctly.

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    I noticed that other people have been receiving stars in rank, but I have not...and it's been 7days now.

    please tell me your character name, and server, I will send to the relate staff to check it for you in detail.

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    server : s7:s7
    name : Kai Barentai

    we will check it for you.

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    i lost my acc to and the admin talk with a language that i dont understand anything so if there's an english admin please tell me how to reach him
    Hi, we found your ticket, and reply, please check it there.

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