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Thread: Help and Support

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    Hi, I am sorry that transfer account can't do it now caused it's been a long time.

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    could you please tell me where you get so many golds?

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    from the events in the game.

    Only recharge will get stars, 1 gold =1 star and then use star to bet. If you don't recharge, then you aren't able to use star to bet, so that can't get stars.

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    I have won 30k/10k/8.5k and 60k bet But it says I've lost? Wtf

    If you bet the right country and win, you will get rewards, it just takes a certain to send, caused it is sent by manually.

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    Hi, the bet golds for France have been sent two days ago.

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    the vip weapon privilege card can help you exchange for other weapon on your character.

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    Please tell me your information following
    character name
    registered email
    registered time
    Purchase Bill No

    Please send me the information through the private message, we will send to developer to check.

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    Hi, we will tell the developers about the server merging.

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