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    Anyone know about MERGER?

    There's nobody in ARENA, so HOW can I get Prestige without any Battles there???
    Also cant get Slave/Master to work becos of this too!

    Please reply , with any Ideas/advice
    a tip for you, create another account and level it to atleast get prestige in arena

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    which should i buy ashura gear for?Untitled.jpg
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    Anyone else finds it annoying and weird that Blood-forged materials are so easily missable? As far as I know, they can only be obtained from material chests and what you get from those chests is based on character's level. Now, I literally miss two materials to forge full Blood-forged set and can't get them anywhere as chests drop water spirit materials.

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    Great tip

    We have had a few login now so there's 7 ppl altogether... they've since abandon the accts BUT I can get my arena battles in L0L
    thanks again!

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    You can get it from level 70 Trial, normal mode (hard mode is the default when you've unlocked it)

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    Thanks, will check it after doing Ninja Crusade today

    Speaking of ninja Crusade - why characters are progressively doing less damage to the point of not doing it at all?

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    did they cancelled elite for this month cuz its not avaialble on eu224

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    i have one important ask to you. when we get update? new update old functions?

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    Don't really have time for the game anymore, wanting to sell account, vip 8, 13.9mil pvp bp attack based team and 1st in server by far, email me on if interested.

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