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Thread: New Vanguard will coming soon...

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    Red face New Vanguard will coming soon...

    Howdy, guys!
    What do you think about new vanguard who will coming soon, Edo Tensei Tobirama? If you ask me, I'm so excited.

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    Yes, he is OP! I'mma get him.

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    What the hell is use of - +90% damage taken and - +80% hp restore when attacked.
    new ninjas are bullshit of overpowered bitches.
    And every second ninja is broken because of these variables, like Temari stuns enemies in PVE, NI was unplayable because he couldnt get to fight (loading screen) and such.
    I am pissed off, if I would knew about this in past I would never invest my time in this game at all, but because this game is not about math and strategy anymore, just about new skills from new ninjas, because they have superior CC to older ninjas and better stats with grow rate.Someone who had 20kk BP with 2017 ninjas will stand no chance against guy who has 10kk with 2019 ninjas.

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    It would BE nice to get Honest answers to Problems, instead of EXCUSES that "WE WILL LOOK INTO IT & REPLY BACK TO YOU"


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