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Thread: Can't fortify equipment

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    You have an option to spend 10 coupons to forcefully finish a task if you need to complete it that badly.

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    fortify still doenst work could you pls fix this already

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    Sent ticket on Friday early in day EST

    Prob get a fix on Monday,, Im guessing,
    No reply so far Sat evening EST

    New Equipment needs in heritance here@!!!

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    You guys can join discord, the bugs are reported there aswell it may be fixed by monday.

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    Server EU S462 is the same:
    Can't acces Fortify/Refine or Make equip, meaning for daily tasks i need to invest gold to finish and it's been like this for days.taking too much gold to get those general proofs

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    EU server one has this problem too, I can't do anything about it.
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    Server EU:S453 have this problem too

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