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Thread: Christmas keys

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    Christmas keys

    Hello, I just recently topped up on server 438 in order to receive more keys for the Christmas exchange. The total was 400 gold, which in the description shows that I would receive 3 keys. However, I only received 1 key. I have tried refreshing the page a couple times and have waited about 15 minutes. I'll keep rechecking in the meantime but would appreciate someone looking into this.

    I also exchanged for a key on the rare items page on accident...if there is a way to revert that as well I would greatly appreciate it.

    Server 438

    400 gold 3 keys.jpgmy recharge amount.jpgrevert key.jpg

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    Same issue, total gold topped up 400 but only 1 key has been received yesterday at 200 gold top up.


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    Hello, i already reply in tickets

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