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Thread: Discord Abuse

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    Discord Abuse

    I am an original player from NC Games.LA and have been active in Discord. There is a person who blocked me as a Mod named Chancellor Palpitine. I said nothing profane and the person even threatened me. I am an original player for 6 years and ask that I am reinstated and the person who abused his power be removed! I am VIP 10 original player and like others wish for this person to be removed from power. If this goes not noticed, I will copy paste all of this to ALL social media. Do you want to keep a dirty mod or your reputation? See logs of chat-I never said anything profane. Your mod abused power and silenced me for no good reason!
    Skull Duval S 188 and player since S511 NC Games. Fix this! Mods Sento is also a witness. This guy is a troublemaker who followed me from general chat to topic chat and muted me for no reason. How can you allow abusive mods to do whatever they want in the chat? Discord is a part of the game and if I am not able to participate then I should be able to chargeback my VIP 10 money. Discord is a button on game screen. Fix this or else I am gonna chargeback VIP 10 worth because I am not able to access ALL parts of game! Chancellor palpatine is a rude stalker. Go get the chat logs and see how he harasses players in chat. I want my discord back or charging back USD $. I have copied all correspondence to show inaction so far! I refuse to allow an uneducated person be a mod for any who are on aged accounts!

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