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what the heck . did i just got rob in gem rush ?

10 card of universal awakening card for 1400 gold ?

do they work the same as igi wawakeing card ?
oh well those universal card are not working , i got screw out of 1400 gold big time . even more on how they give them for free in recent event .

still grow plan came in 20 day faster it feel like

IGI got me a 1 500 000 PVE boost

i'm going to have 78k gold and 32k coupon

now i have

1 - corroptor set 1 crimson set - 1 r2 gear set , 2 r1 gear set

i feel like getting a new set of gear . wait for next ninja to get card or next treasure to get a ninja if there is one good .

blackmarket as Mui for 49k gold , but that would not leave me enough for a gear set . ( those he have talent awaken or not ? )

any help is welcome on advice .