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Thread: Telling me to change my char name

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    Telling me to change my char name

    The heck is this?! Logged in fine yesterday now it's telling me my name is taken and I need to change it won't let me input anything... It's my username and my server >_>

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    Hi i was wondering if you were ever able to get back on your game? Cause I still cant!

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    And i have the same problem on the la server while on the other i don't have one. It's been 4 days since you fixed it. I didn't complain until now because I thought it would solve you soon, and I tried over 100 dumb names

    and 100% I lost 3 positions in last event due to your mistake with the problem
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    I have the same problem, please !!!!!

    dracula s896

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    I can't change the name either

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    Yeah, i'm also locked out

    Pumpseidon US Server S463

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    I can't change the name :c
    Thanatos S907

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    Hello, I am having the same issue too!

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